Picking the Best Places to take Children on Holiday

Planning holidays for families can be really difficult. If we have children of varied ages it can even trickier as you have to try to keep all of them happy. Having a spread of boys and girls can also create challenges. However, it is wise to think about what you want to get out of a holiday and this should help you to pick the best places to go.


It may be that you are hoping that you will all be entertained so that you will have a break from doing it. Entertainment can come in many forms and so you need to think about what you have in mind. Some holiday resorts have clubs where children can go and play and do things with other children and away from parents. This will give parents a complete break from their children for some time and will mean that they can really relax while knowing that their children are safe and having fun.

It may be that you would rather do things as a family. There are some types of holiday where you can do all sorts of different types of activities each day. You may have to book up for things or you may just be able to go along and have a go. These might be sports, crafts or other similar activities. This might mean that you end up swimming, playing a racquet sport, paintings some pottery, playing crazy gold and climbing all in one day. It can be tiring but means that you will certainly have a lot to do and there will be no chance of the children complaining that they are bored.


There are many people that want a chance to relax when they are on holiday. This means that they can recharge their batteries and get some energy back. Relaxation does mean different things to different people though and so it is worth recognising what will help you to relax. For some people, just being away from work can be enough of a relaxation and for some it is spending time with family. However, for others it is spending time in a spa, lying on a beach, playing sport, having long walks or cycle rides, visiting art galleries or exploring new places.

It is important to think about whether all the family need relaxation and how the ways that they will relax might differ so that you can make sure that you incorporate all of their needs.

New experiences

For many people a holiday is about having new experiences. There are many ways that you can achieve this on holiday. Many people chose to do this by travelling to a foreign country that they have not been to before. However others choose to do activities that they have not done before or to at least do ones that they have not done very much before. Some just find that living in a different place whether that be a hotel, house or even tent is enough to give them a different experience or it may be that they want to do things they would not normally do like eating out, doing crafts, watching shows, visiting shows or whatever. Even if you stay in the town you live it will be possible to have new experiences but it is just a matter of trying to identify which experiences you want to have and how you will achieve that as well as fitting in with what the rest of the family want to do.


It will be necessary to go to a place where there are activities for children to do. No one wants their children to be complaining that they are bored when they are on holiday. Therefore it is necessary to find activities to do that everyone will enjoy. This is why a beach holiday can be so popular with families. There is the sand to play on as well as the sea to play in and there may be cliff paths to walk along, rock pools to fish and look in and pebbles to play with as well. Then there may be a harbour where you can watch boats, a selection of shops to look in, a pier to walk down and there may even be a park or gardens and cafes. However, others may prefer a city break where there are theatres, museums, art galleries and lots of shops and restaurants. It is worth thinking about which type of location will suit the family the best.

New location

Going to a new location can be a great way to experience something new. If you live in a town then going to a coastal resort or the countryside can give everyone something very different to see and do. It can help to increase your life experiences to see something new. It might be that you feel you need to go abroad so that you can also experience a different culture, but whether you really see something very different will depend on whether you choose a tourist resort or somewhere which is really typical of the culture of that country and very different to the culture that you live in.


This may have actually given you even more to think about and made it even harder to choose a holiday destination. However, it is worth just thinking about what you want to get out of the holiday and making sure that what you choose fits your requirements. Think about what will make it easier for you and more fun for everyone so that you can relax and all have a good time. It may be wise not to travel too far when they are little as they may not enjoy travelling but perhaps will be better able to cope with it as they get older. It is also worth just having a short break as they may not adjust well to being away from home for the first time. It is worth considering the age of your children and whether going away might actually be more work and more stressful than staying at home. It may even just be worth waiting until they are older before you go.

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